Freedom Academy Co-op

Bridging the gap between traditional school and homeschool

Registration for the 24-25 school year will begin in March

Phone: 321-749-0160


We are a non-denominational Christian homeschool co-op that supports families wanting to take control of their child’s education. Our “One Room Schoolhouse” setting gives students the opportunity to work, socialize, and collaborate. We support families with children in kindergarten through 5th grade.

Our tutors/certified teachers partner with homeschool families to meet each child’s educational needs based on the educational plan, written and developed by the parent, in collaboration with Freedom Academy Co-op staff.

During the day we meet with students individually and in small groups to teach/review the daily lesson, check their work for understanding, and provide time for them to play with friends. We believe strongly that academics & play are equally important, so we make time for both.

We help parents navigate the district homeschool requirements, PEP scholarship funding, and required documentation paperwork for the district or state. We love to help, so please feel free to ask any homeschooling questions you have.

Phone: 321-749-0160

Curriculum Recommendations

*Updated for 2024-2025

Grades K-2:

Pride Reading and Spelling Program

The Good and Beautiful Math

Grades 3-6:

The Good and Beautiful Language Arts

Saxon Math with a subscription to Nicole the Math LadyPride Reading & Spelling Program

Time4Learning math fact practice OR The Good and Beautiful Typing OR Touch-type, Read & Spell

**Parents are responsible for purchasing their child’s curriculum. If you need help determining levels, let us know,

we’re happy to help.

Phone: 321-749-0160

Annual Fees

Returning Families

Non-refundable registration and materials fee-$225

Annual fees paid monthly- $4,300 ($430/month August-May)

Annual fees paid by August 1, 2024- $4,000 ($300 discount)

New Families

Non-refundable registration and materials fee-$275

Annual fees paid monthly- $4,300 ($430/month August-May)

Annual fees paid by August 1, 2024- $4,000 ($300 discount)

**We can help families navigate the Step Up for Students Scholarships for PEP and for Unique Abilities. We do not accept direct pay from the scholarships, but do provide receipts so parents can submit for reimbursement.

We cannont guarantee reimbursement, as those decisions are made via the Step Up for Students funding organization; however, in the past our families have been reimbursed for the total tuition.

**Payments can be made via cash, check, or money order and payable to Freedom Academy, LLC.

Phone: 321-749-0160

Phone: 321-749-0160

Contact Information

For more information about our program and availably, please contact us using the methods below. We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to work with your family.